Cameron Bloom

Professional Photography

A professional photographer of 20 years experience with a body of work spanning corporate, travel, mining and portraiture, Cameron's images have been published in numerous magazines and newspapers around the world and are held in many private art collections.

Some of the world's most exotic places have been brought to life through Cameron's pictures - from documenting Dr Catherine Hamlin and her work in Ethiopia to recording tribal art relics in remote villages of PNG. His photographs create impact and tell important stories.

His photograph entitled 'PNG Feet' was chosen for the cover of the Fuji ACMP Australian photographers collection 9 and included in the 'The Best of The Collection portfolio - 10 years' exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery. In 2011 an image from his personal work was nominated in the International Photography Masters Cup. He has also held two successful solo exhibitions from work in the Middle East and Ethiopia, the latter raising funds for the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital. Cameron's passion for tribal art led him around Australia to photograph 'Shields of Melanesia', a 287 page book commissioned by the South Australian Museum.

A passion for meeting people from different countries and cultures has lead to many overseas commissions. With a unique strength in knowing whether its patience that's required for a photographic moment to unfold, or clear direction to make best use of artistic elements, Cameron's ability to read and respond to a situation ensures an outstanding result. 


Disarmingly open, Cameron's personality lends itself to portraiture.

"When shooting portraiture I try to capture a feeling or quality in the person. I love using contrast to strengthen my shots. Texture, colour, composition and lighting are all an intricate parts of achieving a great portrait. Although there is plenty of technical skill required, building rapport and gaining trust with the person I'm shooting is the most crucial element - it is what allows their quintessential nature to be revealed."

Cameron began his successful photographic career at age 21 when he travelled overland from Turkey through Syria and Jordan to Egypt resulting in published articles and an exhibition.

Over the last few years, Cameron has focused more attention on the corporate and mining sectors documenting the work of exploration companies in Australia, South America and most recently coal and steel plants in China.

Cameron currently lives with his family on Sydney's Northern Beaches.