Shooting any wedding overseas can be lots of fun but it is always much harder. Days of travel often without my trusty second photographer Wes and having to lug all my own gear! I'm sounding spoilt. But throw in 5 days at a beautiful villa in Seminyak, the kids staying at home with Grandma and a part of Bali i've never been to - this was always going to be a great week.

Sarah and Paul's wedding was brilliantly organised by Karen at Cherange with food to rival any top Australian restaurant. The wedding was on the quieter palm forrested Candidasa side, far away from the hustle and bustle of Seminyak and Aussie bogans in Kuta. We shot all we needed to over about 45mins in the rice paddis, on the beach and in one of the local villages.

Despite Bali being litterered in plastic as just about everything comes wrapped in the stuff, the beauty of Bali for me has always been the people, their unspoilt culture and amazing food all of which still shines through. The surf, well it's ok too!